Online Sewing Classes

Sounds a little crazy?

The year 2020 has proven that it is possible! When COVID -19 changed our teaching methods, I felt I’ve had a fantastic opportunity to teach a tactile skill online. Adapting to online teaching has been extremely rewarding for me.

Through this experience, I have developed solid strategies and techniques to help you achieve your sewing skills. I love passing on my knowledge, experience and skills and enjoy seeing how YOU develop your skills further. Try it; you will be surprised!

Contact me to book a private or group online sewing session tailored to your needs!

Online sewing

UTS Teaching and Learning Award 2020 – Receiver of Citation Award

For building connections and confidence in students, learning Fashion Construction in COVID times.

“Through the online teaching of garment construction during COVID times, expanding online class content that is to support and add to the making of future fashion students at UTS.”

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