Selected Collaborations


  • Winner of Wearable Design
  • Northern Beaches Environmental Art & Design Prize 2021

A shirt that utilises food waste and zero waste pattern cutting techniques to reimagine overlooked waste materials.

The DYEVERT shirt demonstrates the potential of sustainable practice within fashion andt extiles by applying circular design processes.

Joanna Fowles identifies waste streams transforming discarded food waste into a dye resource to colour the shirt. Each stripe on the garment is hand-painted using a traditional textile technique revealing multiple colours after dyeing the cloth in the vegetal waste.

Nina Smith applies zero waste pattern cutting techniques to minimise waste in the garment design and construction process. Both designers are responding to the systemic issues of fast fashion and the landfill of textiles.

The collaboration demonstrates a less impactful garment that can be recoloured multiple times with other food waste to reactivate the stripes. The garment can eventually return to the earth and decompose.

The judges commented:

“A garment which attains a very high level of environmental sustainability through its use of circular design process, plant dyes and waste minimisation. It is elegant, contemporary and sophisticated.”

Our natural needs in a digital world

Shortlisted for the Rigg Design Prize 2018.

Richards Stanisich (NSW), a design studio working in the field of interior design and decoration

Richards Stanisich wishes to acknowledge the following for generously supporting its entry in the Rigg Design Prize 2018:

Astra Walker
Debrich Custom Joinery
James Dunlop Textiles
Next Contracting Group
Nina Smith
Simple Studio
Surface Gallery Inspirational Tiles & Stone

“It has been an honour to be able to contribute to the fantastic work by Jonathan Richards, Kirsten Stanisich and Samuel Darvill.”

– Nina

Bed cover and bed head – work by Nina Smith.

The Modern Quilt

I use traditional techniques to create a modern quilt by exploring limitations such as pre-loved fabrications and scraps.

The method creates unique pieces and connects the value of tradition and repurposing.

Please reach out to me for your unique piece.

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